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The dirt on the the new clean way of thinking.

Energy efficient swimming pool pumps have revolutionised the swimming pool industry in Australia. With savings up to 70% off the cost of running a standard pool pump Energex are helping to lead the way to a more efficient pool with a rebate system in place for all pool owners who have a new 8 star energy efficient Eco pool pump installed on their pool.  This rebate system which is called (Pool Rewards) has helped thousands of families across Australia upgrade their existing pool pump to a greener cleaner option.  The system has two seperate offers. 

$250 Rebate - Tarriff 33 (off Peak) - Tarrif 33 is the off peak power tarrif for swimming pools.  This will provide you with a guaranteed 16 hours of power per day at a lowwer rate than normal.  This will require an electrician to inspect and quote on the instalation of this service.

$150 Rebate - Energy efficient pool pump - Energex are offering a $150 Rebate in the form of an EFTPOS card if you have a eligable energy efficient pool pump installed by a professional anywhere on the Gold Coast.  You don't even need to be an Energex customer.

Brush-less DC Motors - How they work

Most of the energy efficient eco pumps on the market are brushless DC motors.  These motors are similar to the kind of motor found in a power drill just a lot larger.  Studies have proven that a standard pool pump motor uses approximately 60% of its power in the top 20% of it's cycle range.  This means that if you slow down the motors revolutions per minute (revs) you can conserve considerable amounts of energy.   While standard pool pump motors spin at 2800 revolutions per minute these brush-less eco motors can be controlled by a digital variable controller ounted on top of the motor.  These controllers determine the revolution speed at which the pump motor will spin and can be .

Features and benefits   

  • Energy efficient - Not only are these pumps good for the environment they are also light on your pocket.
  • Supper quiet operation - With sound readings less than 20db (decibels) on most Eco pumps your neighbors will be impresed.
  • More efficient filtration - Low water flow increases your filters ability to remove finer debris from your pool water more effectively. 
  • $150 Energex Rebate - This offer will not last Forever!  If your existing pool pump is dead or needs repair you should consider this offer.


Other Green alternatives

  • Fresh water pool systems - Fresh water pool systema are gaining in popularity accross Australia especially the Gold Coast. These automatic systems require less chemicals to maintain them and wont leave a salty residue when you get out of the pool.  Less chemicals means lower costs and an enviromentally better option.

  • Robotic pool cleaners - Robotic Pool cleaners work indipendent of your pool pump.  With its own 12v power supply these self contained robotic pool cleaners don't require high flow required by most suction pool cleaners.

  • LED Pool Lighting - Led pool lights are fast becomming the norm in most swimming pools.  Not only are they brighter but they run on a fraction of the power of the old Quartz Halogen style pool lights.

Rebate eligible pumps

  • Davey - PowerMaster PMECO
  • Zodiac - FloPro E3
  • Astral  - Viron P320
  • Onga/Sta-rite - Eco P800
  • Speck  - Badu V8

Join the revolution

Come and join the revolution, these pool pumps are a real game changer.  If you are energy concious or have a noisy old pool pumps you should consider upgrading to a energy efficient pool pump today.

Interested?  If you are interested in gaining more information about the right energy efficient pool pump for your pool you can contact us

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Featured Eco Pool Pumps

  Davey PowerMaster PMECOPool Pump Specials - Pool Pumps God Coast
The Davey PowerMaster PMECO is the Best value 8-star 3 speed Energy efficient pool pump on the Market.  Best price on the Gold Coast Guaranteed! We supply, install and warrant this item. Our prices are too low to publish so
call us today for our best price!  55 3040 366
Installation available for all Gold Coast Suburbs
  Zodiac E3 Pool Pump Specials - Pool Pumps God Coast
The Zodiac FloPro E3 Eco pool pump is our lowest priced programable 3 speed 8-Star Eco friendly pool pump in our range.  This pump is one of the pumps available for the Pool Rewards progran $150.00 Cash Back insentive. 
Call us for our best price!  55 304 366
Installation available to all suburb on the Gold Coast.
Viron P320
The Astral Viron P320 is the most sort after energy efficient pool pump on the market. This pump is a market leader as it is the first repairable motor that actually works.  With inbuilt timers it is ideal for salt or freshwater pool.   This pump is backed by a 3 year onsite manufacturers warranty.
Call us for our best price! 55 304 366
Installation available for all suburbs on the Gold Coast
Speck Badu V8 Pool Pump - 8 star 
Speck have released their latest model of energy efficient eco pump with the new Speck Badu V8 8-star pool pump. This german engerneered pump has proved impressive since it's release.  This pool pump has an impressive 5 year warranty on the wet end (including mechanical seal) and 2 year guarantee on the motor.
Call us for our best price! 55 304 366
Installation available for all Gold Coast suburbs.

Installation Service

Platinum Pool Care offer an installation service to all suburbs of the Gold Coast. A full list of suburbs serviced are at the bottom of the website. If you require installation in a suburb not listed please contact us to confirm if installation is available.


Energex $150 Payback!

 Energex - Energy Efficient Pool Pumps Gold Coast

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